Perpetuating the Osteopathic Philosophy & Promoting Osteopathic Medicine in Michiana

OMF of Michiana is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to perpetuating the osteopathic philosophy and promoting osteopathic medicine in the Michiana region, including southwest Michigan/northwest Indiana. Since 1994, the foundation has sponsored educational activities and provided financial support for students who are interested in pursuing a career in osteopathic medicine. In addition, the foundation strives to improve access to quality health care in the Michiana community through its grant-making program.

Attracting Top Talent &
Providing CME

One of the foundation’s most important objectives is to provide financial assistance for students who are interested in pursuing a career in osteopathic medicine, as well as attracting new physicians through annual relocation grants. ​

Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and a commitment to practicing osteopathic medicine locally. In addition, the foundation aligns with several ongoing CME initiatives, including sponsorship of the Indiana Osteopathic Association’s Winter Update and Summer Update.

Local Leaders

Our Board of Directors comprises a group of highly qualified individuals who are committed to furthering the osteopathic philosophy through the promotion of osteopathic medicine. The Board meets quarterly to discuss the latest developments in the field of osteopathic medicine and to make decisions about how best to support the Foundation’s mission.

The OMF of Michiana is proud to be one of the leading promoters of osteopathic medicine in the Michiana region. We invite you to learn more about our foundation and how you can help us achieve our mission!

Guided by Osteopathy’s Four Tenets

The Body is a Unit

Osteopathic physicians take a whole-body approach to treatment, looking at how all of the systems are interconnected. This allows them to develop individualized treatment plans that address not just a patient’s immediate symptoms but also the underlying cause of those symptoms.

The Person is a Unit of
Body, Mind & Spirit

Osteopathic physicians take into account all three aspects of a person when developing treatment plans. By treating the whole person — not just their physical symptoms — osteopathic physicians can help patients achieve lasting results.

The Body is Capable of Self-Regulation,
Self-Healing & Health Maintenance

Osteopathic medicine is based on the belief that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself. This tenet holds that sickness occurs when something prevents the body’s natural healing mechanisms from functioning properly. Osteopathic physicians work to identify and remove these obstacles so that the body can heal itself. This approach often leads to long-term solutions rather than simply treating symptoms in the short term.

Structure & Function are
Reciprocally Interrelated

This final tenet posits that there is a close relationship between structure and function within the human body. This means that how our bodies are put together— the anatomy — determines how well they work — the physiology. When there is an imbalance in structure (due to injury or illness), it can lead to dysfunction in physiology — and vice versa.