• Host an annual social event for local osteopathic doctors.


    1. To introduce OMF to osteopathic doctors in the michiana area, explaining our purpose, outlining our initiatives and encouraging participation in OMF events.
    2. To announce the forgivable loan recipient(s), outline the program's purpose and solicit financial contributions from the physicians.
  • Organize and sponsor local CME programs and educational seminars.

    Purpose: To provide a new Continuing Medical Education opportunity for local Osteopathic physicians.

  • Coordinate the forgivable loan program for osteopathic students.

    Purpose: To perpetuate and grow the practice of osteopathic medicine throughout northern Indiana by providing a forgivable loan which would be forgiven if the scholarship recipient relocates to the Michiana area.

  • Coordinate physician recruitment program.

    Purpose: To perpetuate and expand the practice of osteopathic medicine in the Michiana area by offering financial incentives via Physician Recruitment Assistance to new physicians or small private practices wishing to recruit new physicians to the Michiana community.